Altar-Ritual Items

Altar-Ritual Items

Many different traditions of magic and spirituality require many and varied tools, symbols of faith, and disposable components within ceremonies, rituals and spells. Here we have gathered these items for you in one place, helping you find all that you need to worship, craft spells, and otherwise work your rituals and magic. Whether you're lookin...

Many different traditions of magic and spirituality require many and varied tools, symbols of faith, and disposable components within ceremonies, rituals and spells. Here we have gathered these items for you in one place, helping you find all that you need to worship, craft spells, and otherwise work your rituals and magic. Whether you're looking for a premade spell mix or spell kit, or altar tools like wands and besoms, athames and bells, this is the place to find it; with hundreds of different kits, mixes and tools, this is the definitive source for your ritual needs.


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  • Altar Bells
    Whether rung in ritual to drive away evil spirits, hung in a doorway as a charm for protection, or kept on your altar as a symbol of the raised vibrations inherent to magical energy, altar bells have been an important aspect of religious and magical rites throughout the history of man. Often rung at the beginning of ritual due to their focusing and purifying attributes, the sweet sound of a bell chiming is also often used to invoke angels, fairies, and other good or ethereal spirits. Bells are a wonderful piece of symbolic magic to use in charm magic, a frequent reminder of where to focus a little of your own energy and will.
  • Bowls
    Bowls come in many shapes and sizes. They also have many uses. From offering your chosen God or Goddess thanks, to scrying and singing versions, they derserve a prominent place on your Altar.
  • Altar Cloths...

    For many magical and spiritual traditions the altar is often the focus of prayer and ritual crafts. Recognizing its value and significance, we have for you a large variety of altar tables, altar cloths, and altar tiles with which you can set up the basis for your altar, allowing you to express your faith and more fully create an atmosphere intended for the working of magic.

  • Athames

    Athames are ancient and powerful tools long used within ritual magic. Usually taking the form of a ritual knife or sword, most modern tradition holds that the Athame should never be used to cut, or otherwise perform mundane work; it is only used to direct energy within your ritual magic, such as when the circle is cast. However, less commonly held practice sometimes dictates that an athame should be born of nature, and perhaps be crafted from wood or bone. Some also hold that if the ritual practitioner uses it as his or her favorite tool, using it to even cut their food and otherwise go about everyday life, more of their energy and power can be directed through the blade during ritual practice.

  • Cauldrons
    Cauldrons have appeared within mythology, mystical lore, and even traditional stereotypes for hundreds of years. Today, we frequently use them in Wicca and other traditions much as they were described within Celtic mythology, where they represented tools of rebirth and renewal. The Cauldron can also represent the womb of the Goddess, and therefore can be used within fertility rites and the assorted rituals we might use seeing spiritual growth and enlightenment. On the practical side of things, they can be used for offerings and make for a handy incense burner as well!
  • Chalices
    Commonly used within ritual magic, the Chalice is frequently viewed as a tool that represents the Feminine Divine, and through ritual is sometimes used in symbolic representations of creation and fertility. The chalice is sometimes also used in ritual offering and other such aspects of ceremonial magic.
  • Crystal Balls and Stands
    Perhaps one of the most famous tools of Divination, the crystal ball is a powerful aid in scrying the answers that you seek. Here you'll find any that you might seek, from large and smooth to small and faceted, from crystal clear to vibrantly colored. Acquire your crystal ball today and your divination will never be the same.
  • Magickal Wands
    Made out of clay, metal, wood or bone, wands are used to shape and direct energy, acting as a powerful focus for creating magical space, or working to make your will manifest. Often bound with personal totems or carved with markings, it takes time to become truly attuned to your wand, though often people feel and are able to work with a certain energetic connection right away. When choosing your wand, it is helpful to develop a basic knowledge of the magical properties of woods, so that you can select a wand that matches with your intentions. While many wands are selected for the empowering force the wood provides, others such as maple or rosewood are treasured for their gentler and more subtle touch as much as the energy they provide.
  • Mortars Pestles and...

    Ancient tools for herbalists, alchemists, and kitchen witches, the Mortar and Pestle has existed since the first time a man or woman picked up a stone and used it to grind vegetable , mineral, or meat against another rock. But they've come a long way since then. Whether you're looking for wood, stone, or modern ceramic tools, the mortar and pestle you're looking for can likely be found right here. What can you use it for today? It is a great way to mash, mix, and grind incense blends, herbal spell mixes, and your assorted other ingredients for your ritual and alchemical magic.

  • Parchment and Ink...
  • Pendulums
    Whether you're exploring the art of pendulum dowsing for the first time or have been using it in your divinations to find answers for some time, we have everything you need. From copper and stainless steel to crystal points and precious stones, you can find Pendulums of all shapes and sizes right here.
  • Scrying

    Scrying Mirrors and Scrying Bowls have been used for centuries in a wide range of traditions by mystics, occultists, and priests. From Nostradomus to Native American priests and shaman, these tools have been used in the creation of a number of popular prophecies and foretelling.

  • Smudge Sticks
    Smudging and smudge sticks are part of a practice brought to us from the ancient traditions of the Native Americans, and typically involves the practice of burning some variety of herb (sage, cedar, sweetgrass being common herbs for smudging) to create a smoke that purifies, cleanses, and can even carry your prayers to the divine. Bundles of these herbs are called smudge sticks, and perhaps most frequently utilize white sage within their blessings and purifications.
  • Spell Kits-Ritual...

    Whether you're looking for a pre-made spell mix or a spell kit, this is the place to find it. Magic is a complex art stemming from a wide variety of traditions, often requiring years of study of practitioners. But sometimes, life (and magic) can be made easier. Here you will find the wide variety of spell kits, spell mixes, and other aids that make the casting of a spell a little easier for you. Ready made kits provide you with all you need to cast a spell. Ritual magic is a diverse and varied summary of the many cultures, traditions, and methods that you might use to cast a spell. As such, there are many, many items that are useful within your spell work that don't readily fall into any category of ritual tools and implements. That being the case, we've gathered them all here, from magical powders and roots to offering bowls and assorted other ritual tools.

  • Spirit Boards
  • Rune Sets
    Our extensive collection of Runes provides you with a variety of Runes for whatever purpose you can imagine. We offer Norse, Elder Futhark and Witches runes on everything from bone and amethyst to quartz and glass, allowing you to cast your runes in divination or otherwise use them in your ritual magic.
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Showing 1 - 24 of 593 items