Our large collection of jewelry is intended to offer you the selection you need to express yourself and your faith. With over 600 different styles, there are plenty of options to stock your jewelry box and to adorn yourself!

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  • Amulets and Talismans

    Among the most ancient forms of magic, amulets and talismans have long been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. These are the pendants, symbols and charms that either contain magic within them and convey that power and energy to the person who wears it, or has otherwise been charged to a specific purpose, such as protecting or granting good luck to the person who wears the charm. Explore our selection of hundreds of amulets and talismans and use the one that calls out to you.

  • Animal Themed
  • Anklets and Bracelets

    Copper cuffs, magnetic bracelets, ornate slave bracelets, and jingling ornaments for your ankles; they can all be found here. Whether you're looking for pieces bedecked in spiritual and mystical symbolism or simply beautiful pieces of jewelry, or selection has something for everyone.

  • Bronze
  • Celtic

    From the striking spiral patterns of the ancient Celts to the intricate knotwork decoration of the medieval Irish, our distinctive Celtic jewelry is inspired by the rich history of the British Isles. 

  • Crosses - Saints and...
  • Dragons
  • Earrings
    Decorated in precious stones, shaped into symbols of faith and arcane meaning, and simply beautiful adornments for your ears, here you will find our wide assortment of Earrings.
  • Eastern
  • Fairies-Fae
  • Goddess
  • Jewelry Accessories

    Want to make your own unique piece? We supply some of our most requested accessories for you to use with our jewelry, or to create your own form scratch.

  • Magickal Symbols
  • Mala Beads
  • Mixed Stones
  • Necklaces
    Ranging from highly ornate pieces crafted of silver and decorated with gem stones to traditional chokers fashioned from bone and cord, the necklaces we carry serve a variety of purposes. We generally seek to offer you a selection that allows you to represent your faith, find charms of magical and spiritual significance, and otherwise dress to impress.
  • Norse
  • Oil Bottle Necklaces
    These unique little necklaces are created out of functional bottles. They are perfect for filling with holy water, scented oils, small amounts of spell mix, or any other such item that might be sacred to you. We have customers who use them for the ashes of departed loved ones. We recommend our own vast selection of oils. With over 150 scent choices, you're sure to find one to your liking. Or, choose several and make your very own custom blend!
  • Pagan Prayer Beads
  • Pendants and Charms

    Ranging from decorative pieces crafted of precious stones or silver to elaborate pieces of faith and mysticism, carved with runes or shaped into the likeness of mystical symbols, many of the pendants and charms here come WITHOUT cord or chain. This is perfect if you have a favorite chain that or necklace that you would like to add a charm to, or would simply like to mix and match jewelry.

  • Pentacles - Pentagrams

    The pentagram has a multitude of reasons behind the symbol, but the most common one is the 5 points meaning the four elements; earth, air, fire, water, and the spirit. The pentacle and pentagram are the main symbols used by Wiccans and many other neo-Pagans. The pentagram sometimes represents the union of opposites, generally expressed as male and female, in order to generate a greater whole. For example, Wiccans sometimes see the pentagram as representing the Triple Goddess (as three of the points) and the Horned God (with the remaining two points representing either his two horns or his dual light and dark natures). Cornelius Agrippa speaks of the number five generally representing the union of male and female as the sum of two and three, with two representing the Mother and three representing the Father.

  • Rings
    Described as items of power and wealth in ancient traditions, myths, and timeless stories, rings are often highly prized items within magical communities. Here we try to offer a wide selection of rings in various sizes and shapes and materials, providing you with items for decoration and spells.
  • Wicca and Witches
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Showing 1 - 24 of 399 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 399 items